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How to Get Your Ex Back with the Jealously Tactic.

One of the first things that most men and women come up with when trying to figure out how to get your back is the jealously tactic. We all know what this is and sometimes it can work. However, sometimes it can backfire on you so make your choices carefully so you can have a happy ending.

Jealously is one of the most powerful human emotions. It can make you do crazy things. It can make you offer romantic gestures. Or, it can make you lose control and become an emotional mess. When it comes to the jealously tactic, you must use it wisely and know your ex well enough to be able to anticipate their reaction. If they are already the type that is overly or dangerously jealous, this tactic may be the wrong choice. It may only serve to make your life more miserable than it already is. However, you know your ex mate better than anyone else so do what you think is right.

The first rule to using jealously to get your ex back is to not go overboard. Going overboard makes your trick look unrealistic and that will make your ex think worse of you. This means that you should not go around town with a different guy or girl each day of the week, flaunting it in your ex’s face. This behavior is unrealistic unless you are known for dating several men at a time, but for the purpose of this discussion let’s assume that is not the case. Going realistic is choosing someone to date in a normal fashion and being seen in various places where you may run into him or his friends may see you and report your comings and goings. This type of jealously tactic works 100% with the technology we have at our fingertips. Go on your Facebook page and change your relationship status to let others know you are dating or tweet the happy announcement to your friends and family. Doing it like this will ensure that the news will find its way into his ear. If you are really dating someone new and not making someone up simply for the jealously factor, try to run into the ex while you are with the newbie. When this happens, be friendly and keep things easy breezy. Do not let it throw you as he will notice and see that you are not as over him as you are putting out.

If you are going to use jealously, do it in a casual way. If you seem to be shoving it in his face it will become obvious that the new guy/girl in your life is just there to drive your ex crazy and all will be lost. The key to jealously, and the only reason to use it for your benefit, is to make your ex miss and want you. Nothing is so attractive than when it is not available. It is like a toy to a child. The child may have a toy that they have not played with for months, but the second someone else picks up the toy, all of a sudden the child wants the toy again. Think of it in those terms and the jealously angle can be the best one to play when figuring out how to get your ex back.

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