It's about time someone wrote a book on how to get any ex back!

How to Get Your Ex Back: The Do Not List for Men

If you have just lost your girlfriend, the question weighing on your mind may be how to get your ex back. If so, what you really need to know is how not to get her back. The mistakes you make when trying to rekindle the romance can cost you her forever so read the following advice carefully. Commit it to memory and catch yourself before you can do any further damage to the relationship.

When a woman breaks up with a man it can be a crushing blow to his pride. Your first reaction may be to act out in anger and while it may be something that can help your feel better in the moment, it will be something you later regret. So, do not make contact with her post break up until you have your emotions under control. Anger will drive her further away and she may never give you another chance again. Instead, wait a few days or even weeks before talking to her again. Even if she calls you do not talk to her unless you are confident that you have yourself together.

Speaking of emotions, no woman will be chomping at the bit to be with you if you call her constantly crying that you miss her and love her. While a woman does like to know that she is loved, she does not want to hear it from a man who is sobbing uncontrollably and blowing snot bubbles. Yes, it is fine for a man to cry, but emotional scenes are best avoided, especially in front of a woman who broke up with you. She will likely be more disgusted with you then enamored by your adoration. Which brings me to the next do not tip. Do not under any circumstances beg her to come back to you. Begging and pleading is not attractive and she will not be hot for you ever again if she has the image of you begging on your knees to take you back. A certain amount of weakness is attractive but total and naked weakness is not. No matter how much you tell her you love her, it will not be received well if you do it like a wounded animal.

Finally, do not stalk! Driving by her house, calling a million times per day (especially when she is not answering any of your calls), texting every day or drunk dialing will not endear you to her. In fact, it may scare her. Obsessive behavior can be scary for a woman and you do not want her to be frightened of you. If she ever becomes wary of you and her safety with you, she will never come back. Keep in mind that whatever you do post break up will be what she remembers for the rest of her life and that may stop her from taking you back. If you really want to know the best way how to get your ex back, you must first understand what not to do.

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