It's about time someone wrote a book on how to get any ex back!

How to Get Your Ex Back by Playing Into Her Emotions

Figuring out how to get your exback can be a tricky situation. All women are different so not everything will work on all of them. Some may be the jealous type and some may be the type that is a hopeless romantic. If your ex girlfriend is the latter, than playing into her emotions can be the best chance you have to get back in her life.

Some women are suckers for a grand romantic gesture and if this is your ex than I have the plan for you! Keep in mind though, you do not want to pull off this stunt until you have given her some space and a chance to start missing you and the relationship you had. To begin, make casual contact with her. If she responds positively then you know that you can move on with your plan. You know her better than anyone so you will know if she if ready. Now, I know this plan will sound cheesy but if she is a romantic at heart she will love it even if you are feeling embarrassed about doing it. The most simple romantic gesture would be to write her a love poem and mail it to her. Sweet nothings that are handwritten will melt a girl’s heart no matter how cold it was when you broke up. You may be thinking that you are no writer so this will be impossible, but that is not true. What you need to do is find a quiet place to think. Really put some effort into it and think back over the times you shared and the things that you love about her. Start by writing these thoughts down to brainstorm how you will write the poem. Lastly, write the poem! It really is that easy. It does not have to rhyme as some of the greatest poetry of all times does not rhyme. It just has to be real and come from the heart. If you still get stuck you can ask a female friend or family member to help you out.

If you really want to go over the top romantic, in addition to writing the poem, instead of mailing it you can record it and send it to her. You can use an old fashioned tape or a digital recording sent to her phone or computer. When you are done reading the poem, tell her that if there is any hope at all for the two of you to go open her front door. You will be standing there holding an arrangement of her favorite flowers with a pained look on your face to show her that you miss her very much. For a woman who is a romantic, this is a major heart clincher. The chances of her inviting you in and the two of you having a long heart to heart are nearly 100%. How to get your ex back has now been solved as she will be so moved that you will not have to figure out any other tactics to use again.

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